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About tadbeir

Tadbeir Facilities Management is a leading integrated facilities management company across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We offer an integrated facilities management solutions consisting of over 40 Services through dedicated business verticals such as Public Sector, Privet Sector, Education, Residential Compounds, Commercial Towers, Retail and Mixed-Use Developments.

Tadbeir aims to mange, serve and maintain each client’s facility at the highest standard of quality and cost-control. We provide a level of quality and expertise that is a step ahead of what is expected on a foundation of strict attention to occupational health, safety, environmental, and quality management (HSEQ) requirements. A one supplier solution for a truly integrated and partnership approach offering greater flexibility, cost transparency and the governance of central systems, processes and reporting.

Our “One Team” approach gives you flexibility in an ever-changing environment. From multi – skilling many of our staff, providing you with a dedicated team and giving you real time reporting, your service will run smoothly 24/7. IFM is not just about buildings; it’s about people, too. We understand how facilities management influences the way people work and use their office space. That’s why we tailor our approach to deliver innovative and cost-efficient solutions that support our customers’ long-term objectives.

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General Manager Message

As part of the 2030 kingdom’s vision, Tadbeir Integrated Facilities Management Co. has sought a higher role to be at the forefront of facilities management by evolving our sector and setting a new horizon for the FM companies and concerned stakeholders.

We at Tadbeir firmly believe in the momentum both private and public sector are experiencing, and we are confident in our ability in accommodating the advancement of the FM industry as a contribution to the kingdom’s prosperous journey.

We at Tadbeir take pride in our work, commit excellent services to our clients by applying international standards in our projects and create value for our partners.

This has made us a trusted company to rely on, formed a strong relationship with multiple stakeholders and attracts top skills to work in our team The essence of our partnership with each client is to make their non-core business of FM is our core business, resulting in the highest performance and sustainability.

We are looking forward to providing the aforementioned level of service and partnership to you, while we journey together on the exciting way ahead of growth and development in Saudi Arabia.

Eng. Khalid Almubark
General Manager

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Creating a safe and healthy working environment along with excellent quality of services is fundamental to Tadbeir Facilities Management. We are committed to developing a proactive QHSE culture across the full range of our activities in compliance with ISO 45001:2018, and aim to ensure that none of our employees, contractors, or the people who interface with our operations, become injured or made unwell by the way we carry out our work.

Tadbeir Facilities Management recognizes that the prime responsibility of QHSE rests with the line management and that QHSE matters will be held in equal importance to other business objectives. We recognize that people are the most important asset of a business. Therefore, it is imperative that we provide the necessary training, as well as encouraging their active participation and involvement in all QHSE matters.

Our Integrated Facilities Management professionals expertly manage all aspects of FM day to day operations. We possess the expertise in providing a standardized Facilities Management Services to residential and commercial facilities based on ISO 41001:2018.

Tadbeir Facilities Management is vigilant in protecting the environment in all its activities. Tadbeir’s Management is committed to operating in a way that ensures high environmental performance, considering the optimal economic and technical choices as well as applicable KSA environmental regulations.

We have established and applied an Environmental Management System, according to ISO 14001:2015. This system acts as the main stimulus to setting measurable targets and corresponding programs for the constant improvement of the company’s environmental performance.

To ensure the stable operation and effectiveness of the environmental management system, the company provides for regular briefings and training of its employees, systematic reviews of its operations and constant improvement of its environmental performance.

The overall Tadbeir’s Quality Management Systems that has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification since 2018, has been now integrated with ISO 45001:2018, ISO14001:2015 and ISO41001:2018. These Standards have established the Foundation of Tadbeir’s Integrated Management System.

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why tadbeir

CAFM - provides organizations with the ability to effectively manage their physical assets and maintenance operations. This software combines the best features and functionality of Asset Management Software with the strengths of a powerful and robust Focus.

Tadbeir has its own internal training Academy providing necessary Technical and behavioral training For The staff and supervision level. In addition, to the periodic HSE Training and core trainings as well. This gives Tadbeir a great advantage Of handling the turnover during the Contract period.